The NodePen logo: an 'N' followed by a 'P', both fit into narrow rounded-rectangle geometry. A hollow circle punctuates the space left over under the P. This shape is a reference to the grip geometry used to connect graph nodes.


NodePen is a platform for creating, sharing, and exploring Grasshopper scripts online. Try something out, learn something new, and share it with the world — all from the comfort of your favorite web browser.

Create Grasshopper Scripts (Literally)

When you build on NodePen, you build with the exact same Grasshopper components and geometry you know and love. For now, a limited selection of components are available, but more are being added all the time.

View Geometric Results

Results and changes are synced between all open windows for your script! So you can continue to work on your logic in one window while watching the live results in another.

Share With the World

NodePen brings Grasshopper to the web so we can easily share and explore the interesting things people make with it every day. Show off your work to the world! Or casually browse on your phone.

Download For Later

Few things can compete with the instant and gratifying experience of working with your Grasshopper scripts in Rhino offline. That's why NodePen will always let you download your scripts for later, even if you're not signed in.